Terms & Conditions - Transfers

Please read carefully to make sure all is transparent and clear and that when booking your airport, train station, or hotel transfer, the details you supply are correct. 

Once you have placed your booking online, the transfer is then paid for in full via our website. After you complete your payment, Sorrento Tickets will send via email your booking vouchers for the service(s).

Please make sure all the details are correct, that the correct date is supplied, and that the time and pick-up location are indicated.  This is important as once you have booked online and have successfully received the vouchers with all the details that you have provided, the information that you have given is correct, as we at Sorrento Tickets are not responsible for any information given incorrectly.

Refunds, transfers are not refundable if the office is not informed within 2 days. Its important that you contact the office or your booking agent via email or phone and you will be sent a cancellation code from the office.

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