Pompei e Vesuvio

Private Guide Pompeii

Private Tour

  • Duration 2 hours
  • Max People 8
  • Pick-Up/Drop Off Tempio Travel Office
Start From 190.00 €


Our tour guides are carefully chosen experts, many of whom are current archaeologists or members of teams actively involved in the extensive excavations of these cities.

They will regale you with captivating tales and unveil some of the most astonishing discoveries, providing insights into ancient Roman life within the cities and their surroundings.

Embark on a journey to Pompeii  with a professional archaeological guide and breeze past the long lines at the gate. Our private tour is tailored for inquisitive minds, individuals mindful of their time yet captivated by the fascinating story and history of this once-thriving province, later devastated by the nearby Vesuvius.

Our archaeological guided tours are flexible and can be adapted to cater to children's interests.

Additional Information

  • Do not forget: ID, confortable shoes, sunscreen.
  • Train ticket returt from Sorrento €5,20
  • Entrance free for under 18 yo
  • Reduction for EU citizens 18-24 yo

What's not included

  • Entrance ticket to the archeological site of Pompeii
  • Entrance ticket to the archeological site of Herculaneum
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