Pompei e Vesuvio

Wine Tasting All Inclusive

Semi-Private Tour

  • Duration 5 hours
  • Max People 8
  • Pick-Up/Drop Off Tempio Travel Office
Start From 45.00 €


Visit an enchanting family run (3 Generations) vineyard in the heart of the Mount Vesuvius National Park. The roots of their agricultural tradition and Vesuvian wine-making made possible by the production of the legendary Lacryma Christi Wine. You are welcome to visit the sorrentino estate about 35 hectares) and feel part of the family, tasting the wines and organic products, shaped using the vesuvuis volcanic soil. Upon Arrival you will be given a tour through the vines while learning of the organic process of nurturing this protected land within the National Park. Indulge in the simple and organic tastes of a 4 course lunch accompanied by selected wines on a panoramic terrace overlooking the bay of Naples with Capri Island, the Sorrento coast and Pompei in the distance. 

What's Included

  • Train Tickets to Pompei | return (from Sorrento)
  • Transfer to the Vineyards from Pompeii Station
  • Vineyards tour
  • Organic Extravergin olive oil tasting
  • Lunch.

Additional Information

  • Hat, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, ID.
  • This option can be combined with a visit to Pompeii.
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